Why Choose Peak City Sitters?

“My husband and I highly recommend Peak City Sitters. We have used them multiple times and have always had a great experience!” Natalie Dailey Maceda


Peak City Sitters

As parents, we understand the hesitation that parents feel about hiring a sitter they don’t know. We know there are many ways one can search for  child care providers, but what makes us unique is that we do it all for you. We  do our very best to find the perfect fit for your family.  No one placement is like another. Each family is unique and we do our best to match the perfect sitter to your’ family’s individual needs. We spend a lot  of time screening our families and our sitters. We strive to understand each  family’s vision then match the sitter accordingly. Our sitters are professionals. They show up on time and ready to provide a fun,safe and engaging experience for your precious children. We strongly encourage parents to hire a sitter to come for a few hours when they are home to observe the way the sitter interacts with their child. We strive to make the entire experience safe and easy for you. Once a family joins  Peak City Sitters, we are  an ongoing resource for your childcare needs.

Benefits of working with us:

  • We personally meet with each potential babysitter to ensure we are placing your children in good hands.
  • We are a locally owned business, our children are being raised in this community and our reputation is very important to us.
  • We are mothers who understand the trust needed in order to leave your children with someone.
  • Our service is convenient. Clients only need to complete a sitter request on our website, then we take care of the rest!
  • Our sitters are at least 18 years old (with our average age being late 20s). Our sitters are much more mature than a middle school or high school sitter. They have more life experiences  which make them better prepared to handle unexpected situations.
  • All our sitters are CPR certified. If they are not certified upon hiring they are required to have the certification completed within 30 days of their hiring date.
  • We only allow Sitters to use their cell phones for emergencies;  therefore, our staff is attentive to your child’s needs at all times
  • Our sitters are experienced and knowledgeable, we’ve made sure that their childcare references are top notch.
  • We require three references and at least two additional character reference
  • Extensive criminal background checks (including a sex offender search) has been completed on all babysitters.
  • Our sitters have their driver’s license, their own transportation, and a completed motor vehicle records check
  • We offer after-hours support for last minute or emergency childcare needs.
We also encourage parents to talk to their friends and coworkers. We get 90% of our clients from client referrals. However, after finding our babysitter service extremely professional, convenient (one call and we schedule a wonderful babysitter), and a great value, most families begin to use us as their primary babysitter source.


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