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Susanne Turley, Cary, North CarolinaI moved from Richmond VA to Cary NC in 2006 to continue my career as a Biology teacher at Cary High School. When I first moved here, I had high hopes of starting another branch of my babysitting service,  River City Sitters, in the Raleigh area. Business was going so well in Richmond, that I really just never had time to put that plan in action. If I thought I was busy then, I am now the proud mother of two amazing children and still teaching at Cary High School Fortunately, I was recently reunited with my childhood friend, Kim Burnside so Peak City Sitters is in business. 

I think one of the reasons that my babysitting service in Richmond is so successful is because I was a professional babysitter for most of my life. I have an impressive list of babysitting experiences, lots of funny stories, and families that were like a second family to me. These parents trusted me with their children, their cars, and their homes. But most importantly, they allowed me to influence the person that their child would become. These experiences help me find babysitters that are reliable, responsible, and love spending time with children. 

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized the trust that you put in the person that helps you care for your children. We need our sitters to be on time and we want our kids to be happy, but that’s the easy part. We need to trust the babysitter’s judgement in a variety of situations, so we need someone that is experienced and trustworthy. And I’m honored that so many people trust me to be the person to help find their babysitter.



In 2000 I moved from West Virginia to Apex with my husband to continue my career as a special Kim Burnside, Apex North Carolinaeducation teacher.  I taught in the Wake County school system for five years.  In 2005 I had my first child and started a new chapter in my life as a stay at home mother. Three years later my husband and I welcomed our second child.  Although I absolutely loved staying home with my children I missed teaching.  This inspired me to begin tutoring children in my home.  As my business started growing I needed a reliable babysitter to watch my children.   I wanted someone who would play with them, read with them, do homework and take them to their activities.  Like many other mothers, I have always been very particular about who takes care of my children.  I have been very fortunate to find great sitters but, then they would leave for college or move out of the area. When this happened I wished there was a service that would find a reliable, trustworthy babysitter for me.   Coincidentally as I was going through my third sitter transition I was reunited with a dear childhood friend and my, now, business partner.  Susanne had this very service in Richmond, VA.  After convincing her to help replicate that business in Apex, Peak City Sitters was founded.

Susanne and Kim have known each other since we were in second grade. We were together all through elementary and middle school then went to different high schools. Two years ago our husbands started working together and realized their wives grew up in the same town. We reconnected after 25 years.




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